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What would occur if, whereas I used to be popping popcorn, all of the kernels popped directly? Ought to I be frightened?

— Skye M., Portland, Maine

Don’t fear, your entire popcorn kernels received’t pop directly.

Popcorn kernels pop as a result of the water inside them heats up and boils. When water boils, it normally expands, however the robust outer hull of the kernel retains the steam contained. For some time, the steam retains getting hotter, till the stress rises sufficient to interrupt open the outer hull, releasing the stress with a popping sound.

A typical bag of microwave popcorn may comprise 300 kernels. If all 300 popped directly, the bag may rupture and make a large number, however your microwave would in all probability be superb. In line with the 3M Noise Navigator sound protection database, the common popcorn popper produces about 80 decibels of sound energy. A sound wave 300 instances extra highly effective than the noise of a typical popcorn popper can be about as loud as a nightclub and quieter than many energy instruments. In case your microwave can survive the vibrations from being close to the audio system at a nightclub, I’d guess it may survive a mega-pop.

However how doubtless is a mega-pop?

A popcorn kernel pops when its inner temperature reaches about 180 levels Celsius. The crucial temperature is totally different for every kernel: It will depend on how a lot moisture it comprises, how sturdy the hull is and the way rapidly your microwave heats the actual space the place the kernel sits. Most kernels will take roughly the identical period of time to pop, however some will cross the road earlier or later than others by random likelihood. If we assume they’re heated independently, then there’s no purpose they couldn’t occur to succeed in their crucial inner stress on the identical time — it’s simply statistically unlikely.

To estimate simply how unlikely a mega-pop is, we have to know slightly extra about popcorn timing. I don’t normally do experiments to reply questions, however I do like popcorn, so I made a decision to personally collect some knowledge. I put a bag of popcorn within the microwave, recorded the sound with my telephone after which appeared on the audio in a spectral analyzer, which confirmed every particular person pop clearly.

Tallying the outcomes demonstrated that many of the popping occurred inside a 30-second interval across the minute-and-a-half mark.

Since a person pop lasts about 40 milliseconds, let’s say that all of them have to pop inside a 40-millisecond window to rely as “on the identical time.” Utilizing the distribution of pops from my microwave, anybody kernel would have a few 1 in 1,750 likelihood of popping similtaneously another. The possibilities of all 300 kernels popping on the identical time works out to roughly 1 in 10⁹³⁵.

Simply how unlikely is that?

On the time of his dying in 1995, the popcorn magnate Orville Redenbacher had 24 living descendants — let’s suppose he has about 50 now, and that all of them have telephones with U.S. numbers. Now you resolve you need to discuss to them. You pull out your telephone and begin dialing digits at random, and someway you attain all 50 in your first spherical of calls — with out a single unsuitable quantity. As they choose up, you appropriately guess their birthdays and the final 4 digits of their Social Safety numbers. When you’re performed with these calls, you are taking out a sheet of paper and write down the successful Mega Thousands and thousands jackpot numbers for the subsequent seven lottery drawings. Lastly, you guess the results of 100 coin tosses in a row.

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